Ken Jennings is a Pets for Pounds advocate. When it comes to taking care of your dogs and puppies if you do not feed them the proper nutrition or get them adequate exercise they will eventually become overweight, develop arthritis, and have a poor quality of life.

Ken Jennings Pets for Pounds

For those living under a rock, pets bring immense joy and companionship. Just look at this dog’s reaction:

Pets for Pounds started on a beautiful summers day in 2014 when Ken (the website creator) who just so happens to be a fan of dog walking, took care of a neighbor’s dog for the afternoon. Instead, of spending the day stuck indoors, Meg (the Jack Russell, in question), went for a walk to the park, went along to a garden party, and even chilled with some new friends. It was at that moment that it dawned upon Tom that there must be thousands of pet owners in the United Kingdom, who for one reason, or another, would like someone to take care of their pet for either a day, or a couple of days a week either for dog walking, pet grooming or pet sitting.

Pet Resources

PetSmart is really a quality go-to for all pet needs. Obviously a small, local business is ideal but in many towns this isn’t feasible or practical.

Adoption is Near and dear to my heart as knowing even just one innocent dog or cat put to sleep is one too many. Pet Finder to Adopt website

TV can often become passive, but with Animal Planet you can actually learn something interesting while being entertained.

A website was born, and the idea was to get together as many pet lovers, as possible, with pet owners, so that they can advertise jobs such as pet sitting, dog walking, cat feeding, and pet cleaning (the list is endless). The idea being, that pet lovers would jump at the opportunity to get involved, especially if they had a little bit of free time. Things like dog walking, and pet sitting are very rewarding and also a great way to earn some extra money whilst keeping fit, and doing exercise. Tom, in his early years (he’s now kind of old) used to walk dogs as a way to make a little bit of extra money on summer nights after work – hence, the name, Pets for Pounds.

We now have hundreds of members across the United Kingdom and Ireland. Come and Join the fun.